Our Customers Speak Out

"I had an overview at one of the Lunar Observing Group's last meetings fall and was quite impressed! And knowing Art, Bob, and Howard recommended the software certainly is a huge plus in my book!"
- Mike

"And here I've always cursed the Moonlight. No more, this shows me what I've been missing - I had no idea"
- Margie

"I just had to write you and let you know that this is simply very cool software! My daughter loves it as much as I do! Especially hearing it speak!!"
- Dalton Ferdinand

"This is a great product. It loads and runs very fast on my older pre-Intel Mac Powerbook. Thank you for making this. Now I have something to do even on cloudy nights- I can study at the computer and plan my next observing session. I cannot thank you enough!"
- Art Russell

"The group loved the demonstration of the Lunar Pronouncer software at our last meeting. everyone was impressed. Now we all pronounce the names correctly, which is a great help to communication. It worked flawlessly and was a great asset during the group's Lunar observing."
- Howard Cohen

"As I said yesterday (?), this is a wonderful product."
- T. Clark

"I am enjoying Lunar Discoverer very much. I am truly impressed with your accomplishment."
- B. Helms (retired NASA employee)

"I saw this running this on a computer with 4 monitors connected and it is awesome! Almost makes me want to use it instead of the telescope!! Your photos are usually far beyond what my skies let me see, which lets me know what details to look for."
- Tim

"I just got it and looked at the manual and it seems very complete to me."
- D. Loftus

"Great product, you've got a winner here."
- T. Crowley

"I bought and really like both products. I am recommending this to all my astronomy buddies. Your timely response to my questions and suggestions demonstrate the type of support I wish I had from more vendors that I buy from! Thank you!"
- Allen Rodriguez, CAV Inc. President

"I recently loaded Windows 7 and reinstalled the program. It works perfectly so far. Great job!"
- John

"I've always liked to look at the moon but had no idea what I was seeing. Now I love looking at the Moon. I have learned to see more and in greater detail. I now enjoy seeking all the details on the lunar mountain ranges and the subtle details of shadowing on the crater walls, ridges inside some of the crater walls."
- D. Anderson

"Thank you for your prompt response... By the way, this is a great program. The choice of orientations and the phases feature are fantastic."
Regards, Ian