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"I am using Windows 7 beta with two very high end video cards in SLI mode on a large 24" monitor. Lunar Discover works flawlessly in this setup. I am very impressed with the incredible detail in your photos along with the great workmanship and craft you have applied to the application. This type of hardware normally exposes any flaws in lessor programs, but yours exceeds my greatest expectations.

One of the best components is the terminator list. It is a great challenge to follow the top terminator items that is automatically created in your program. The detailed photos you have put together also helps me follow along with my own telescope and creates a great good visual aid as my guide.

Thank you for creating such a great tool."
 - Bert Burch

"This is cool stuff! I am amazed how much information is in it! And the photos are just fabulous. I want another copy to give to my 12 year old grandson."
 - Carole Prozeller

"This is the next best thing to going to the Moon. I love it. This must have taken years of work- and it shows!"
 - Chuck

"Gosh, the Manual alone has more stuff in it that some other professional programs I've purchased. Nice job."
- Sam Wright

"I was not sure about buying this as I am on a tight budget, but it has surpassed my expectations. Well worth the price of admission. Thanks."
 - Mark Hunt

"Finally! A photographic lunar atlas for the computer."
 - Sara

"I had a great view tonight also, but this photography work is great."
 - Bob

"I was not a Moon observer, I normally prefer the Deep Space objects. This is changing my views- the Moon is indeed fascinating to study and this is big help to helping me learn what I am viewing. Nice job."
 - Barry

"I love the program and have been using it regularly. The moon is one of the targets that most people overlook but I find enjoyable."
 - Burt

"I already own several other Moon software packages, some that I purchased and some that were free. Let me tell you, I absolutely LOVE your program and your Moon photos! Having the entire Moon at hi-res really helps me find details I would miss in my observing sessions with the other software I own. This is worth every penny. I can't say Thank You enough for putting this out there! THANK YOU! If you need a customer referal, count me in!"
 - Bob O.

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