Ever wondered how a name of a lunar feature is supposed to be pronounced?

Ever been embarrassed after being given a strange look by someone after giving it your best shot? Maybe it was at a public forum, or maybe just with friends or fellow astronomers. Awkward, isn't it?

It's names like these:

Aristarchus, Arzachel, Alphonsus, Alpetragius...     and those are just a few of the A's!

Or  how about these: Mons Gruithuisen, Rümker, Lacroix, Poisson, Sacrobosco...    

Or these: Mare Imbrium, Mare Serenitatis...    

Not to mention Rupes, Mare, Rimae, Rille...

Yes, there are lots of these strange Latin and other non-English language names on the Moon!

We have the Solution!

Now you can easily learn how to pronounce the names of lunar features!
And best of all, you don't have to know or learn how to try to read phonetic codes!

Listen as the names are actually pronounced for you on your computer!

This is not artificial computerized speech synthesis,
but actual professionally digitized recordings.



Make your observing more enjoyable, knowledgeable and fun!
Re-Discover the Moon with Lunar Pronouncer.

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