FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Label Options?
You have complete control over the color and size and position of the feature labels.
You may overlay text labels of any or all of the following lunar features:
How big and detailed are you entire Moon image maps?
Very big- if printed full size at screen reslution, they would be 30 inches (some almost a yard) across! Compare that to a book that is 11 inches- we have 3 times the detail!

I have an Atlas already. How is this better than my Atlas?
It is better for many reasons. Here are just a few of them:
Will it work with my telescope? What if I use a diagonal?
Yes, it can be used to give the view of the Moon through ANY telescope or binocular!
With or without inverters and diagonals. It handles every case easily and flawlessly.

What about SCTs (Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescopes)?
Yes, we can show the view oriented exactly as it appears in your eyepiece.

Can I have South Up?
Yes. And East on the Right side or left, depending on how it appears in your equipment. All images are automatically switched - even the hi-resolution  closeups, so you never have to wrack your brain trying to reverse images in your brain!

Will it Work in Southern Hemisphere?
No problem, mate! Absolutely.

Field of View
You can zoom in and out, enter your telescope optical values and see the same field of view on the screen that your eyepiece shows- very helpful in the very busy areas of the Moon where you can get 'lost' in the crater fields!

Can it be used to control my telescope?
No, not in this version, but it may in the near future.

I'm New to Astronomy. Will this be over my head?
Our goal was to focus on being educational and non-intimidating. The text is appropriate for middle school aged students. There is an  online Guide and Glossary that explains the many terms used in lunar observing. There is also a guide on the basics of telescopes.

As you sit at home with Lunar Discoverer, you'll find yourself becoming more knowledgeable and more comfortable at star parties.

Can I show just some craters instead of all?
Yes. You can make up a custom list of any kind of lunar object, save them in a text file, and use the Open List to just display those items. You can even mix and match any type, for example, only the Apollo spacecraft, instead of all lunar landers. This can be useful to limit label clutter in areas where many feaures are close to one another. See the manual for more details.

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